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Royal pet daughter-in-law by Caitian Private individual

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The third princess said she would come to pick her up. But after waiting for a moment, the three princesses' Zhu Lun Huagai car came. A palace maid who followed the car came forward to open the curtain, revealing the beautiful face of the three princesses. She waved to Lu Qinglan: "Baoer, get in the car quickly.". I'll take you to a good place today. Chapter Table of Contents 129 | Zhongji Lu Qinglan smiled and got into the carriage. The maid put down the curtain, and the three princesses ordered the carriage to go forward. Lu Ching-lan asked, "Why did Empress Song ask you to leave the palace?" After the rebellion of Tenrikyo on the Lantern Festival, Song Guipin was very strict with the three princesses. For her safety, she was not allowed to run outside the palace. The third princess said with a smile, "Someone interceded for me in front of my mother, and she agreed." Lu Ching-lan wondered, "Who with such a big face persuaded Empress Song?" The three princesses smiled mysteriously. "Don't worry about it. We have something to play with." Lu Qinglan could not help laughing when she saw that she was still keeping a secret from herself. Come on, where are we going to play today? "You'll know when you get there,saw palmetto extract," said Lord Sangong. Lu Qinglan did not know what medicine she was selling for a while, but she knew that the three princesses could not hide things in their hearts, so she did not get to the bottom of it, because before long, she would not be able to hold herself back. The carriage stopped in about half an hour. The three princesses clapped their hands and said, "Here we are. Let's get off, Boa." Lu Qinglan was slightly surprised: "Are you here so soon?" She thought Sangong would go to the suburbs with her, but it would not be so fast to get out of the city. The three princesses looked mysterious and said, "Just look at it." Lu Qinglan, full of curiosity, stepped out of the carriage and saw the carriage parked at the gate of a mansion. The mansion in front of him was magnificent and solemn. There were two mighty and magnificent stone lions squatting at the gate. On the huge plaque, there were four big characters written vigorously and forcefully-Prince Qing's Mansion. The third princess brought her to Hsiao Shao-chueh's house. Lu Qinglan's face darkened, "Xiao yuanshan, what do you mean?" She is probably the only person in the capital who dares to call the three princesses by their names. In the past, she didn't want to have anything to do with Xiao Shao-chueh, ghana seed extract ,stesweet stevia, so she avoided all the people and things related to him. After the Lantern Festival, her mind changed subtly. Her rejection and resistance to that person disappeared, and her heart added a trace of good feelings. She was afraid that if she had more contact with him, she would lose control of her heart and become a widow. Also involved in the Changxing Hou Fu involved in the dispute. She wanted to extinguish the hint of something wrong in her heart, and she also avoided meeting Hsiao Shao-chueh, so she didn't want to take the initiative to send her to the door. The third princess hastened forward and took her by the hand.Dazhou. Northern Xinjiang became a thorn in the flesh of Qi. The founding of the Great Qi Dynasty. Emperor Zu sent troops to fight three times. Although nocline in the population of the country, many lands were desolate, and the people were extremely war-weary. Emperor Taizong had not yet secured his throne, so he naturally did not want to take the risk of launching a war to conquer northern Xinjiang,jujube seed powder, so he adopted the suggestion of Zhang Ge Lao, the head of the cabinet, and sent an eloquent minister to northern Xinjiang to negotiate with Zhenbei Wangfu.

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