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Hot Spot | Breaking Foreign Monopoly and Professional

Oct 24th, 2022 at 02:30   Phones & Tablets   Salford  

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Original Title: Hot Spots | Breaking Foreign Monopoly and Strengthening China's Military Prestige, How Does Xiangtou Jintian, the Leading Titanium Material, Work Hard in the PTA Industry? Wen | our reporter with Li Na Editor | Chen Qiong Zhou Hui probably did not expect that many years later, he would become attached to chemical fibers again. He had worked in the local Development and Reform Commission for manin the meantime, and how can he be confident? Recently, the reporter interviewed Zhou Hui, chairman of Hunan Xiangtou Jintian Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. Applicaxt The production process of PTA includes complex chemical processes such as mixing, hydrogen production, reaction, evaporation, condensation, extraction, separation and drying, as well as processes such as liquid phase conveying, gas phase conveying, gas-liquid mixed phase conveying,titanium sheet grade 5, solid-liquid slurry conveying and solid powder ce is far superior to that of stainless steel, the resistance to pitting corrosion, acid corrosion and stress corrosion is particularly strong, and the titanium alloy also has excellent corrosion resistance to alkali, chloride, nitric acid, sulfuric acid and the like. At the same time, it has high strength, tensile strength of 686 MPa to 1176 MPa, and density of 4.5 G/cm3, which is only about 60% of steel. Titanium tubes are mainly used for heat exchange tubes of condensers and heat exchangers in PTA plants,nickel titanium wire, with high reliability and long service life. In Norway, Japan and other countries, titanium alloy materials are widely used in related devices in the petroleum field. Titanium alloy materials are used in domestic PTA plants in recent years, but titanium alloy materials are ded pipes were welded with good titanium strips. Finally, a reality is formed that seamless titanium tubes are mostly used in domestic PTA plants. Zhou Hui said: "The key point of titanium welded pipe in PTA plant is to solve the problem of corrosion resistance.". Large plant structure is very complex, so many pipes are gathered together, if the pipeline is corroded, rust and other situations, manufacturers will stop maintenance, which will not only increase operating costs,ading For a long period of time, what is more uncomfortable than the fact that the domestic titanium welded pipes needed by PTA plants can not be supplied independently is that the titanium materials needed by our national defense industry can not be self-sufficient. Many people may not think that foreign countries once implemented "neck jam" in the field of titanium materials. It is imperative to conquer the domestic innovative technology of titanium materials, and Hunan Investment Jintian has made a breakthrough in this field and become a rising star of foreign technology. Compared with some titanium material enterprises that have been established for decades, Hunan Investment Jintian, which has only 10 years of history, titanium tubing price ,titanium exhaust tubing, is a "recruit" in the domestic titanium industry. However, with a series of innovative technologies, this "recruit" has grown rapidly into one of the "top three" titanium enterprises in China, forming an international advanced and domeser, which is only 0.2 mm at present. PTA is one of the important application markets of titanium tube in civil field. With the continuous upgrading of materials,ti6al4v, there is still much to be done in the refinement of PTA plants in China. We hope to expand the use of titanium tubes in PTA plants, but also to improve the profit margin of PTA enterprises. We are confident that together with PTA enterprises and related equipment enterprises, we will do a better job in the refinement of PTA plants and production in China and further promote the high-quality development of PTA industry. Zhou Hui is confident about the application and expansion of seamed titanium tubes in PTA plants. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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