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The setting sun of the willow and the seven wonders of Shura Professional

Oct 24th, 2022 at 03:45   Automobiles   Salford  

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Location: Salford
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When he pulled out his weapon, his body was free and easy and natural, showing the bearing of a great master. Master Baique's demon-conquering pestle is about five feet long, with a faint black light, which makes it look very heavy. He held it in his hand, his eyes slightly upturned, but his lips tightly pressed. "Seven Evil Swords" Wu Nanyun smiled contemptuously, and his body suddenly flew into the air. He turned over lightly in midair, and slanted out more than ten feet. As soon as his body fell to the ground, the "Pearl Sword" behind him was pulled out. His cleverness and crispness are by no means inferior to those of the masters. At that moment, Master Baique snorted coldly from his nostrils and said coldly, "Almsgiver Wu, pay attention. I'm sorry!" The Demon Subduing Pestle trembled in the hands of Master Baique, and immediately pointed at the three points of Wu Nanyun's chest, "Qi She", "Shui Tu" and "Que Pen". Such a heavy demon-conquering pestle, in the hands of Master Baique, trembled like a wave of ups and downs. Wu Nanyun holds the sword Zhuo to stand, the sword light flashes, also suddenly meets. With a hum, Master Baique turned around and threw back his shoulders. The demon-conquering pestle was like an Oolong mixed with the sea. The end of the pestle turned into a circle of black light. In an instant, the seventy-two holes of Wu Nanyun's whole body were completely covered in it. "Seven Evil Swords" Wu Nanyun smiled coldly, and the "Pearl Shining Sword" brought up ten thousand cold stars, flashed out the swaying fine awn, and put Master Baique's 36 big holes into the shadow of the sword. Master Baique shouted "good" to subdue the Demon Pestle, like a landslide tsunami, roaring up and sinking like a mountain to press Wu Nanyun on his head. This is exactly the unique skill of Shaolin: "Twenty-seven Pestles to Conquer Demons." Seven Evil Swords "Wu Nanyun gave a long roar,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, and his body was as fast as a meteor in the sky, turning up and down, turning left and flashing." "Zhu Yao Jian" conjures up little cold stars, sometimes turning into circles of silver, sometimes flying like electricity, and sometimes spinning like spring silkworms. In an instant, the two top masters in the martial arts world have fought fiercely for more than fifty strokes. Puyang Wei eyes closely watching the ever-changing figure of two people, a smile gradually floating on the corners of the mouth. The monks and disciples of Shaolin Temple, at this moment, only feel the silver light and thunder in front of them like snakes,Blue Bottle Serum, and the black light manipulates like waves, which has already dazzled them. Master Bai Ren's eyes were wide open. Although he had heard of the prestige of the "Seven Evil Swords" for a long time, he did not expect that his opponent's skill was much higher than he had imagined. At this time, the hissing sword gas cut in the air, through the endless black light, stretching like electricity. Gradually, the sword became more and more powerful, like a brilliant and transparent light curtain, which was hidden in the space of twenty feet in the hall. The cold wind, with its cold sword breath, echoed around it. At this time, the method of "Seven Evil Swords" has been applied to the realm of smooth rivers. Master Bai Ren, the Abbot of Shaolin Temple, had a slight change of color on his face. This is because he deeply understands the profound martial arts of his younger brother, Master Baique. However, looking at the current situation, Master Baique seems to have been trapped in the shining sword belt. At this time, Wu Nanyun understood better than others in his heart. He knew that although he had gained the upper hand at present, Glass Cosmestic Containers ,oil dropper bottle, the master was still like electricity at the moment, and the demon-conquering pestle in his hand was waving like the wind, showing no signs of failure at all. But Wu Nanyunes Sword", the tip of the sword trembled into ten thousand points of cold light, like the stars of the Milky Way in the clear sky. It was like a dragnet rolling down to Master Baique. This is exactly one of the three most powerful moves in the Seven Star Swordsmanship, "Meteor Vertical and Horizontal". Wu Nanyun has used this move, I do not know how many martial arts masters defeated, and even the first strange man in the ice sea, Zhan Xuanxin, was defeated by this move. At this moment, Master Baique suddenly felt a little cold,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, like a little meteor, coming from all directions, and he was simply unable to cope with it. He gave a sharp roar and his body suddenly fell back. penghuangbottle.com

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