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Anger breaks the universe Private individual

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Behind Li Lao, there stood several practitioners of the primordial divine world, looking at these men with a halo of light on their bodies, and the ferocity that sometimes appeared on their faces made some people who were buying medicine in the pharmacy far away. Bang! One of the practitioners of the primordial spirit world suddenly patted the counter. Behind the counter, Ling Feng, who was beating the abacus, was suddenly startled. Give me a bottle of laxative! After patting the counter, the practitioner of the primordial divine world, facing Xiao Xiao's puzzled look,car radiator cap, said mercilessly. Looking at the practitioner of the primordial God world in front of him, Xiao Xiao could also feel the overbearing from the practitioner of the primordial God world, and looked at the smiling Li Lao next to him. Xiao Xiao knew that they were the people who killed the trade union three times. Despite how ferocious these people of the'three killing unions' were, Xiao Xiao still managed to squeeze out a smile. Sorry, we don't sell laxatives here. "What?"? No laxatives? Then why do you open a pharmacy? Close the door, close the door, close the door quickly! Hearing Xiao Xiao's words, the practitioner of the Primordial Divine Realm deliberately showed extreme dissatisfaction,Magnetic Drain Plug, then slapped the counter again and said in a loud voice. Looking at these insolent practitioners of the primordial gods, Xiao Xiao also knew the hatred between the'three killing unions' and the Ou family. It's just that now is not the time to do it. My guest, we don't sell the medicine you want here. If you want to buy this medicine, maybe the pharmacy of the'Three Killing Trade Union 'will have it. You might as well ask? This counter of ours can't stand you. Please don't shoot our counter again. After thinking in the bottom of my heart, Xiao Xiao still said with a smile. But in his words, he pretended not to know that they were the people who killed the trade union three times. Hearing Xiao Xiao's words, Li Lao's originally proud face suddenly flicked lightly, giving the practitioner at the auction counter a sudden look, and immediately, he heard'bang! ' There was a loud noise, and the whole counter turned into pieces and splashed around. And this loud noise, but also let the pharmacy, leaving only a few people to buy medicine, quickly ran to the outside of the pharmacy. Looking at the counter that had been smashed by several people who had been frightened back to buy medicine, Xiao Xiao's expression suddenly changed, non standard fasteners ,Investment casting parts, and a blue vitality burst out. Are you here to kick the field today? Accompanied by this blue vitality burst away, Xiao Xiao's words, but it is next to Wu Ke also suddenly jumped up, a kick to the shattering counter of the yuan Shen Realm practitioners. However, this foot did not touch the body of the practitioner in the primordial divine world. Wu Ke's body, when in midair, was lightly waved by the palm of the practitioner in the primordial divine world. Wu Ke's body was suddenly waved to the medicine cabinet. Accompanied by the sound of many broken bottles, he fell to the ground and looked at the practitioner with some pain. Overreach yourself! After waving Wu Ke's body violently and looking at the painful Wu Ke, the practitioner of the primordial divine world said coldly. Hehe, kick the field? I'm afraid your pharmacy is not qualified to alarm us to kick the field. We just come to visit the young master of your Ou family and buy two bottles of potion by the way. Looking at Xiao Xiao's body bursting out of the vitality, Li Lao's voice suddenly sounded in the pharmacy, but his eyes, but did not find the slightest fear of color and friendly meaning. Visit? Sorry, our young master is not available. "Looking at Li Lao's calm look, While Li Lao and Xiao Xiao were holding each other, in another room of the pharmacy, accompanied by the sound,car radiator cap, Ling Feng's body slowly appeared in their line of sight. Strolling to the front of Li Lao, Ling Feng looked up and down at the insolent role from the'Three Killing Trade Union '. Please don't forget that our Ou family is already a member of the General Auction Alliance. After looking up and down at Li Lao, Ling Feng's expression did not show any fear or friendliness. autoparts-dx.com

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